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A diverse workforce and inclusive culture drive LLNL’s innovation

At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), our leaders and employees are committed to creating an environment where we respect and value the diverse talents, perspectives, ideas, backgrounds, and life experiences of all employees. We believe this gives rise to the most innovative ideas and fosters our ability to take on and solve grand challenges that our mission demands.

Investments in the development of our workforce and in the practice of “team science,” and the team approach throughout LLNL, are a vital component of our success. We are always expanding the definition of “team” through a healthy research culture of workforce diversity, inclusion, mutual respect, openness, interdisciplinary teaming, and partnerships.

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Developing our employees and our Lab’s culture

We have a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive environment that offers a variety of ways for employees to engage, learn, and share perspectives.

We invest in our employees by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth through continuing education, invited speakers, "Lunch and Learn" meetings with leaders, workshops, development courses, employee resource groups, and celebrations.

For more about the various educational opportunities, employee resource groups, and community events at LLNL, visit Employee Engagement.

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Our People in Action

Our employees form diverse, multidisciplinary teams of talented individuals who share a collective passion for results.

Explore their stories, learn more about their areas of work (e.g., Environment, Safety & Health (ES&H), Science and Technology (S&T), and Operations and Business (O&B)), and see how they have contributed to the Laboratory’s success.

Lynda Tesillo

Lynda Tesillo

“LLNL is a great place to work because of the unique mission, exciting science and engineering, and fantastic work-life balance.”

Lynda was intrigued by LLNL’s mission to study and practice science in the national interest. “The diverse and exciting science and engineering work being done here is unmatched anywhere else!” she says. She applied to LLNL because she is passionate about the mission and wanted to serve her country through engineering. She felt that LLNL also provides amazing work–life balance and continuing education programs.

She feels she is constantly learning and growing as an engineer. She is also a member of the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Women’s Association (LLLWA) and the Early Career Employees Group (ECEG). Lynda joined LLLWA because she wanted to help empower and strengthen women at LLNL. “LLLWA strives to develop women professionally and personally and I absolutely want to be a part of that. I joined ECEG because, as an early career employee myself, I am passionate about ensuring that all new employees learn the skills and have the tools that they need to thrive professionally and personally as they start their careers at LLNL,” she says.

Lynda believes diversity and inclusion is paramount to being able to innovate and advance science and technology through diverse thought and varying perspectives. It is also important in ensuring that all employees are comfortable being their whole selves and feeling fully included at work.

Her role models include every woman in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) that has come before her: “They have endured so many obstacles and overcome numerous barriers that have allowed me to thrive today as a female engineer.”


Jason Cruz

“Diversity and inclusion not only gives us a sense of belonging but is essential to fostering new ideas and unites us under a common banner of “Science in the National Interest.”

Jason came to the Laboratory after being recruited by Randy Pico at a job fair. Working at the Lab was a prestige his peers and he strove for while in school. He was enticed by working among the most innovative thinkers and cutting-edge technology, and feels the Lab has a great philosophy of work–life balance.

Currently, he is the outgoing Chair of the Asian Pacific American Council (APAC). He has also been a member of the Bible Study Groups (BSG). He joined the employee resource groups (ERGs) because they are a great way to make friends and meet like-minded people. He feels it is also a great way of meeting other individuals you may never otherwise encounter outside your division.
“I didn’t necessarily join APAC intending to become part of its leadership. But along the way, I’ve been given this great opportunity providing a voice for employees’ concerns. It is a great honor working with my peers and partnering with management to help make the Lab a more equitable and inclusive workplace.” He believes diversity and inclusion are important because it not only gives us a sense of belonging but is essential to fostering new ideas and unites us under a common banner of “Science in the National Interest.”

His role models are his parents, Gil and Josephine Cruz; his great-uncle Delfin Cruz, who pioneered one of the first ethnic newspapers; Fred Rogers from “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”; and the late astronomer, Carl Sagan.


Jenessa Dozhier

“Diversity and inclusion creates an environment of mutual respect resulting in increased recruiting opportunities and higher employee retention. Our differences can create a space that employees of all backgrounds thrive in. Diversity at the Lab brings people with varying perspectives and viewpoints together to work as a team, generate ideas, and solve complex problems.”

Jenessa relocated from Southern California to be closer to family. When she was looking for employment opportunities, she talked to family members employed at the Laboratory and the consistent message she received was the excellent support of work/life balance. As a mother of two children under the age of two, this was a real selling point.  The Lab provides the ability to have multiple careers without changing companies, providing continued years of service and home stability. When she first started working at the Lab, she did not know what she wanted to do. Through her experiences and work opportunities she was able to develop her skills in event management, ultimately leading to her current role as the administrator for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at LLNL. As she evolves through her career, her job is constantly evolving with new opportunities and educational experiences. She finds it exciting to think she will always have the ability to find a job at the Lab that both matches her skillset and leaves her feeling fulfilled and that she had made a difference.

Jenessa is a member of all of the employee resource groups (ERGs). She joined the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Women’s Association (LLLWA) in search of networking and volunteer opportunities and wanted to meet new people and find ways to give back to the community. When she joined LLLWA she learned there was an opportunity to serve in an officer role and volunteered. Since then, she has served in every officer role for the maximum time of service allowed and ends her service in 2021 as the president. Her involvement with this ERG has resulted in strengthening leadership skills, creating a vast network throughout the Lab, increased confidence, and lifelong friendships.
Her role models are her Lab mentors. “I am surrounded by a supportive group of mentors that provide guidance, opportunities to learn new skills, and the overall encouragement that I can do anything I put my mind to. I believe mentors truly are the key to success. I know that I am a better employee because of the time they took to guide and nurture my career and personal growth.”

Striving to inspire and develop the next generation

We work to promote a diverse and talented pipeline through outreach and engagement with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs. In particular, LLNL contributes to under-represented, marginalized communities. These STEM programs are just a part of LLNL’s overall outreach effort.

For more about our K-12 student and teacher opportunities and our workforce relationships, visit Broadening Participation.

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For more information on DEI at LLNL or our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, or to schedule an appointment to review our Affirmative Action Plan (available at 7000 East Ave, Livermore, CA. 94550) during regular business hours, please contact the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office at baylis3 [at] llnl.gov.

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