Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is key to creating an inclusive culture

The Lab’s employees and leaders foster a culture that embraces inclusiveness and diversity as well as curiosity and learning because these qualities help us solve challenging problems. We strive to ensure that our employees are engaged, and feel respected, accepted, included, and encouraged to participate. We recognize employee-led initiatives and behaviors that promote our culture’s values through our Director’s inclusion awards program.

Employee resource groups provide an opportunity to promote inclusiveness and understanding.

Responding to culture and climate survey feedback, we are expanding employee engagement opportunities, and providing new tools to train leaders, such as improved team-building exercises, workshops, and feedback and accountability mechanisms.

Encouraging personal and professional growth

We strive to create a workplace that encourages and inspires our staff to promote personal and professional growth that assists in human understanding, creativity, empathy, innovation, and team engagement.

LLNL develops staff in the inclusion, diversity, equity, and accountability areas through awareness, education, communication, and community experiences through some of the following ways:

  • Livermore Laboratory Employee Services Association (LLESA) sponsored community events
  • Micro e-learning
  • Interactive workshops
  • Seminars and lectures by invited guests
  • Leadership development courses
  • Continuing education and skills development
  • A dedicated Culture Beat website with news, resources, and opportunities
  • Diversity and inclusion awards and recognition program
  • Bias education
  • Museum of Tolerance Immersive Programs

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Your voices are heard, and your opinions are valued

ERGs are voluntary, employee-led organizations connected by common interests and bonds, and similar backgrounds. They offer professional development, recruitment, networking, mentoring, internships, scholarships, and laboratory committee and leadership opportunities, and they contribute to community outreach activities. Senior managers engage with our ERGs, providing advocacy, advice, and mentorship.

Join a group, share, and learn from others’ experiences. Become confidants, ensure that opinions and concerns are heard, volunteer, and create a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels that diversity means you can be your true self. Allies are highly encouraged to join and show their support by joining one or more groups!



AC promotes the inclusion of interns and employees with physical, psychological, developmental and neurocognitive differences as valuable contributors to the Laboratory's mission and works to enhance overall Lab diversity through strengthening LLNL's commitment to hiring and retaining individuals with these differences.  


Learn About the AC Internship



Contact: ac_contact [at] llnl.gov (ac_contact[at]llnl[dot]gov)




ABLE seeks to promote communication and cultural diversity with an emphasis on the issues and interests of Black employees through events that highlight African-American values and assist with the development of future STEM employees. ABLE works to affect change in local communities by providing scholarships to college students.

Contact: ableleads [at] llnl.gov (ableleads[at]llnl[dot]gov)


Scholarship Information



AIAG promotes awareness and appreciation of Native American culture by conducting special cultural and ethnic events within LLNL and local communities. AIAG partners with the Laboratory American Indian Program in outreach and tribal relations and promotes higher education for American Indian students through scholarships and mentorship.

Contact: aiag-info [at] llnl.gov (aiag-info[at]llnl[dot]gov)


Amigos Unidos share Hispanic cultural heritage with the rest of the Lab population through community, education, career outreach, college and career recruiting, social networking activities, scholarship fundraising and more. Amigos Unidos is committed to educating and mentoring Hispanics to meet the challenges and opportunities at LLNL.

Contact: amigos-info [at] llnl.gov (amigos-info[at]llnl[dot]gov)




APAC is involved in educational, social, cultural awareness, networking and career development programs both within and outside the Lab. APAC's mission is to provide leadership for the growth, development and full participation of Asian Pacific Americans in support of LLNL's mission.

Contact: apac-info [at] llnl.gov (apac-info[at]llnl[dot]gov)


BSG is a network of Christians who organize gatherings to connect in small groups for Bible study, discussion of faith, and prayer. BSG invites Christians and non-Christians alike to study the Bible together, celebrate holidays such as Easter and Christmas, and engage in fellowship at social networking activities.

Contact: bsg-info [at] llnl.gov (bsg-info[at]llnl[dot]gov)



ECEG provides opportunities for early career employees to develop their careers at LLNL by promoting communication between employees across the Laboratory and with senior management. ECEG is a place to discuss specific concerns, such as career development, mentorship, proposal writing, and work-life balance.

Contact: eceg-info [at] llnl.gov (eceg-info[at]llnl[dot]gov)



LLLWA is an education, discussion, and action group concerned with issues of interest to all Laboratory employees with an emphasis on women's issues and interests. LLLWA promotes educational and advancement opportunities for women and men at LLNL.

Contact: lllwa-info [at] llnl.gov (lllwa-info[at]llnl[dot]gov)




LLNL Pride's mission is to create a welcoming, visible and safe working environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Ally staff and new hires through advocacy, action, diversity awareness and networking opportunities.

Contact: pride-info [at] llnl.gov (pride-info[at]llnl[dot]gov)

Remote Worker & Hybrid Teams (RW&HT) logo


The mission of the Remote Worker & Hybrid Teams employee resource group is to foster a strong sense of community, inclusion, and belonging among employees working from all locations, including fully remote employees and members and leaders of hybrid teams. Through our initiatives and events, our goal is to build a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence across all locations.

Contact: RemoteHybridERG [at] llnl.gov%20 [at] llnl.gov (RemoteHybridERG[at]llnl[dot]gov )

Shalom Jewish Community logo

Shalom Jewish Community (ShalomJC) shares Jewish cultural and historical heritage with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) population through holiday celebrations, Torah study, and social networking activities. ShalomJC is committed to raising awareness and educating employees about historical, cultural, and religious aspects of the Jewish people, supporting LLNL missions, and highlighting contributions of Jewish individuals in the fields of science and the broader community.

Contact: ShalomJC-info [at] llnl.gov (ShalomJC-info[at]llnl[dot]gov)




VETS is an organization that promotes the value of veterans within their community through investment in education, career development and lifelong support of veterans.

Contact: vets-info [at] llnl.gov (vets-info[at]llnl[dot]gov)

DEI Logo

For more information on IDEA at LLNL or our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, or to schedule an appointment to review our Affirmative Action Plan (available at 7000 East Ave, Livermore, CA. 94550) during regular business hours, please contact the Office of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accountability Office at idea [at] llnl.gov (idea[at]llnl[dot]gov).

 Beware of Fraudulent Job Postings

Please be aware of recruitment scams where people or entities are misusing the name of LLNL to post fraudulent job postings. We will never charge a fee for joining our company and to vet the authenticity of an employee at LLNL before providing personal information, please have them provide you their name and phone number and verify at people.llnl.gov.

Learn more about recruitment scams

 Discrimination-Free Workplace

LLNS is committed to a discrimination-free workplace and neither condones nor tolerates practices that discriminate against any person employed or qualified applicant seeking employment on the basis of race, color, age, religion, marital status, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, pregnancy, use of family and medical leave, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, military or veteran status, citizenship or any other status protected by law.

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