Media Contacts

A public information officer is always available to respond to questions from the news media. Journalists may call 925-422-4599 at any time for help in reaching a public information officer.

News Center Contacts

Lynda Seaver
Director, Public Affairs
seaver1 [at]

Media & Communications

Breanna Bishop
Deputy Director, Public Affairs
National Ignition Facility
bishop33 [at]

Charlie Hunts
Public Information Officer
General assignment
hunts1 [at]

Carrie Martin
Public Information Officer
Operations & Business
martin59 [at]

Nolan O'Brien
Public Information Officer
Weapons, Social Media, Web
obrien32 [at]

Julie Russell
Graphics, Web, Production,
russell36 [at]

Anne Stark
Public Information Officer
Physical & Life Sciences, Energy & Environment
stark8 [at]

Jeremy Thomas
Public Information Officer
thomas244 [at]

Stephen Wampler
Public Information Officer
Global Security
wampler1 [at]

Media Event

Role of the Public Affairs Office

The Public Affairs Office is the primary contact between the Laboratory, the news media and the public. It prepares news releases, media advisories, Laboratory statements, news and feature articles, fact sheets, brochures and other publications about the Laboratory’s work. It also:

  • Responds to news media and community inquiries
  • Arranges visits and tours of the Laboratory
  • Schedules talks and interactive demonstrations featuring LLNL researchers

Fact Sheets:

For more information:

Phone: 925-422-4599
Fax: 925-424-2780
pao [at]

Mailing Address:
Public Affairs Office
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
P.O. Box 808, L-003
Livermore, CA 94551

Onsite Location:
The Public Affairs Office is located at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Blg. 111. Directions to Westgate Badge Office.