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Directions to LLNL

Most visits begin at the Laboratory’s Westgate Badge Office, located off South Vasco Road in Livermore. If using GPS, enter: “Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Westgate Drive, Livermore, CA” or search for the “Westgate Badge Office, Livermore, CA” in lieu of the LLNL mailing address. View detailed directions.

Westgate Badge Office

Mon.–Thurs., 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Fri., 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

(925) 422-0717


There is public parking available in the Badge Office parking lot. Your protocol representative will contact you regarding transportation to the various meeting locations and facility tours planned for your visit.

Directions to LLNL

Visitor Information and Requirements


Entry into the Laboratory is strictly regulated. An approved badge is required for admittance. Visitors will be asked to provide personal information for security processing. You will receive a form from your protocol representative to be completed prior to your arrival. The information provided on the form should match the official photo identification you plan to present at LLNL. Badges are generally picked up at the Westgate Badge Office.”

Be prepared to present one of the following forms of identification at the Badge Office, security checkpoints and at any time while on-site (including HSPD-12 federal credential holders):

  U.S. citizens

  • Valid U.S. driver’s license or other government issued photo identification card
  • Valid U.S. passport
  • Official U.S. military active duty identification card

  Non-U.S. citizens

  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Valid passport PLUS visa documentation and all accompanying original documentation

All NNSA facilities are directed to follow the Department of Homeland Security’s REAL ID Act for allowable forms of identification. A secondary form of ID may be required. Learn more.

Badges must be protected at all times from loss or theft and should be worn between your neck and waist with the photo side visible while on-site. Return your badge at the security checkpoint or Westgate Badge Office upon departure.


Classified incoming visit procedures apply to those from other sites and agencies who hold active security clearances and are visiting for purposes in which classified discussion will take place or there will be access to classified matter.

Classified incoming visits are processed and approved based on the visitor's originating facility, verification of the visitor's identity and clearance level and determination of “need to know.”

Your protocol officer will inform you of the security clearances and special accesses required for your visit, as well as the methods and timeline for passing your clearance to LLNL. The Visitor Control office is the point-of-contact for processing incoming classified visit requests. Should your security office need assistance, please contact:


LLNL Visitor Control/Clearances

 (925) 422-7552

 (925) 422-6313

Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices

(e.g., laptops, cell phones, tablets, headsets, earbuds, smart watches, fitness trackers and e-readers)

  • May be used and stored on-site except where otherwise posted
  • Are prohibited from connecting to LLNL equipment or networks except guest wi-fi
  • Are subject to DOE requirements controlling the presence and use of mobile devices within Property Protected Areas and Limited Area (LA) buildings. Please observe posted signs for regulations within the subsections of LA buildings where the use or storage of these devices is not permitted (e.g., buffer space, secure space, enhanced security areas)
  • Additional guidelines for electronic devices and media components apply to Secret Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF).
  • Storage lockers are available outside many buildings for your convenience.

Personal Cameras and Recording Devices

  • May not be used on-site without a Controlled Items Permit

Medical Devices

(e.g., hearing aids, heart or glucose monitors)

  • Devices approved by LLNL and/or the DOE Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence prior to the visit may be used on-site as specified by Security
  • Approvals require a minimum of 5 working days (longer for SCIF approvals).
  • Contact your meeting organizer regarding medical device accommodations

Need Assistance?

  • Visitors may contact their host for assistance.

Prohibited Items

The following articles are prohibited from any area on LLNL property without prior appropriate authorization by the Security Organization:

  • Explosives
  • Dangerous weapons (exception: local, state and federal law enforcement)
  • Instruments or material likely to produce substantial injury to persons or damage to persons or property
  • Mace/pepper spray
  • Controlled substances (e.g., illegal drugs and associated paraphernalia, but not prescription medicine)
  • Other items prohibited by law

The following articles may be stored in personal vehicles on-site but are prohibited from use:

  • Unopened alcoholic beverages with intact manufacturer’s seals or caps
  • Binoculars and telescopes

Need Assistance?

  • Visitors may contact their host for assistance.




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