livermorium celebration
Livermorium Day celebrations annually place at Livermorium Plaza in downtown Livermore. The day recognizes the creation of Livermorium, chemical element 116, which was named in honor of the city and researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory who helped discover Livermorium. Livermore is one of only six cities around the world for which an element has been named.

Invested in the well being of our community

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is an involved member of the community, supporting a variety of educational programs, economic development initiatives and charitable activities.


Community Giving

For 40 years, Lawrence Livermore employees have raised money to support more than 420 local charities and umbrella organizations in the greater Tri-Valley region. Since 1997, the annual campaign has raised more than $1 million in donations each year....

Discovery Center

Teachers and students are invited to participate in Lawrence Livermore’s Fun With Science Field Trips, provided free of charge to local elementary schools. The program, specifically designed for fifth grade classes, is offered on Monday through Friday mornings during the school year.... 

Economic Impact

In Fiscal Year 2020, LLNL awarded $769 million in procurements to businesses, both in California and across the nation, for a broad range of products and services that support the Laboratory's overall mission. California awards topped $240 million...

Education Program

The Science Education Program at Lawrence Livermore provides professional development instruction to in-service and pre-service teachers, as well as student enrichment opportunities....

Environment, Safety and Health

Lawrence Livermore is committed to environmental stewardship and the protection of the health and safety of its employees, visitors and surrounding community....

Retiree and Employee Resources

Lawrence Livermore provides a free classified advertising service to LLNL retirees, employees and contractors, and also memorializes the lives of former employees who have passed on....


Community tours are free and open to the public, offering visitors a view into exciting, state-of-the-art research programs and facilities at Lawrence Livermore....


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