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Who We Are

Computational scientists, computer scientists, data scientists, statisticians and mathematicians develop and use HPC to support nuclear deterrence, national security and basic scientific research. Meet a few of the people who work in HPC, simulation and data science:


Julian Andrej
High Performance Computing
Jamie Bramwell
Simulation Software
Stephanie Brink
High Performance Computing
Amanda Muyskens
Data Science
Rob Rieben
High Performance Computing
Josh Senecal
NIF Optics Inspection Software Developer

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Our Current Projects

Our multidisciplinary projects in HPC, simulation and data science vary in size, scope and duration but have one thing in common: innovation.


AI graphic


AI Innovation Incubator

A new Lawrence Livermore initiative seeks to advance artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for applied science at scale. With these tools and our data-rich environment, we’re advancing AI-driven simulations in a range of application areas: to design new molecules for pandemic response and energetic materials, integrate complex multimodal data for national security decision support, increase the power of predictive models in climate studies and inertial confinement fusion, among others.


El Capitan supercomputer


El Capitan

When deployed in 2024, El Capitan will be NNSA’s first exascale supercomputer, with the processing power of more than 2 exaflops, or 2 quintillion (1018) calculations per second. El Capitan will usher in a new era of predictive and experimental capability, producing high-fidelity 3D simulations beyond what’s possible now with the other supercomputers. With El Capitan, LLNL will apply this new realm of simulations to mission spaces including stockpile stewardship and weapon modernization and more.


computer simulation model


Multiphysics Simulation Codes

We develop and deploy a suite of multiphysics simulation codes that address nuclear security and inertial confinement fusion, among other missions, and support defense projects such as the design of new conventional weapons and protective equipment for soldiers. These simulation codes employ a range of physics regimes from solids to plasmas under extreme conditions and must be able to run on multiple advanced HPC architectures with efficient solvers and numerical algorithms.


Our Facilities, Centers and Institutes

The Laboratory is home to several state-of-the-art computationally focused facilities and centers to help researchers tackle the hardest and most complex national security challenges.


Related Organizations

World-class science takes teamwork. Explore the organizations that contribute to our HPC, simulation and data science research by clicking the images below.

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We offer opportunities in a variety of fields, not just science and technology. We are home to a diverse staff of professionals that includes administrators, researchers, creatives, supply chain staff, health services workers and more. Visit our careers page to learn more about the different career paths we offer and find the one that speaks to you. Make your mark on the world!