Many Ideas, One Lab

Computer scientists viewing models that appear as colored swirls on large screen in front of them



Discovery science and technical innovation

Computing at LLNL advances scientific discovery through foundational and innovative research; mission-driven data science; complex modeling, simulation and analysis on powerful supercomputers; and creative technologies and software solutions. Everything at the Laboratory is Team Science, therefore, Computing is at the heart of many of LLNL’s most compelling national security and scientific efforts.


Employee examining 3D printed cube



Transforming concepts into reality

Engineering regularly achieves breakthroughs in fields vital to our national security missions — from nuclear deterrence to cybersecurity. In particular, Engineering’s collaborative, multidisciplinary teams contribute materials engineering and manufacturing, computational engineering and design optimization, bioengineering, data science and machine learning, sensing and diagnostic expertise foundational to the Lab’s goals.


Room of computer screens and stations with monitoring data


Global Security

National security solutions for the 21st century

Global Security integrates intelligence with operational and science and technology expertise to support wide-ranging missions such as reducing the threat of weapons of mass destruction; enhancing energy security and climate resilience; and strengthening cyber and space security and multi-domain deterrence. Global Security hosts the Lab’s intelligence program and supports incident response operations.


Technician positioning target in NIF chamber


National Ignition Facility and Photon Science

Home of the world’s largest and highest-energy laser

The National Ignition Facility creates extreme temperatures and pressures, enabling unique experiments supporting NNSA’s stockpile stewardship mission. The National Ignition Facility and Photon Science directorate spearheads inertial confinement fusion and high energy density science; develops advanced laser, optical, target and diagnostic systems; and applies its capabilities to vital national security solutions.


An Environmental Restoration Department worker inspects a cable.


Operations and Business

Enabling mission success

Operations and Business is an eclectic group made up of the Business directorate, Environment, Safety and Health, Human Resources, Infrastructure and Operations, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Project Management Office and Security Organization. Our common purpose is to deliver operational excellence and innovative solutions that enable our national security mission and world-class science at LLNL.


Technician adjusting equipment


Physical and Life Sciences

The Laboratory’s scientific foundation

Physical and Life Sciences delivers multidisciplinary scientific expertise to support mission-critical research at LLNL. Researchers leverage world-class resources to solve complex challenges in physics, bioscience, materials science, nuclear and chemical science and earth and atmospheric science to foster energy security, climate resilience, space security, nuclear security and human health.


Employees standing with weapon model


Strategic Deterrence

Agile, responsive nuclear deterrence

Ensuring the success of the U.S. strategic nuclear deterrence posture has been the Laboratory’s core mission since its inception. Strategic Deterrence leads LLNL’s multidisciplinary workforce, drawing on a rich set of scientific knowledge, tools and active partnerships to deliver a safe, secure and effective nuclear stockpile and accelerate modernization across the national security enterprise.


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