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Our research teams include scientists, engineers and technicians who are supported by analysts, designers, transport and handling workers and health and safety experts. Meet a few of the people who work in lasers and optical science and technology:


John Heebner
Ultrafast Optical & Electronic Systems Group
Leily Kiani
Fiber Technologies Group
Vanessa Peters
Laser Materials Interaction Group
Rajesh Raman
Optics and Materials Science & Technology
Tom Spinka
Advanced Photon Technologies
Michael Stadermann
National Ignition Facility and Photon Science

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Our Current Projects

We develop state-of-the-art optics and novel materials than can meet the needs of advanced laser systems, and we model, design and test next-generation laser technology.


Technician in clean suit working on optical material


Calibrated Optics

We develop, test and refine advanced optics that can tolerate the extreme conditions in our high energy density science experiments. For example, we tailor optics used in mirrors and lenses to offer the refractive properties needed to avoid laser damage. Our optical scientists are experts in the physics of laser-matter interaction and chemical processes that mitigate damage. They collaborate with our additive manufacturing experts to develop 3D-printed optics.


Technicians work on laser equipment


Advanced Photon Technologies

We design, model, develop, test and commission next-generation laser technology and execute experiments to verify and validate advanced laser concepts relevant to fusion energy drivers, plasma physics, condensed-matter physics, laser propagation and laser-matter interactions. We design technology that will enable us to monitor laser performance via machine learning, coupling modeling with experimental data to optimize performance. Our work in high repetition-rate, high-power lasers aims to increase the phase space of high energy density plasmas for study.


target view in chamber


Materials for Laser Systems

We develop, fabricate and evaluate new materials that can meet the needs of advanced laser systems, such as precisely fabricated targets, ultra-thin polymer films that support target capsules and polymer coatings able to withstand extreme environments. Our teams also study the growth of crystals in deuterium and tritium isotopes, which are used as fuel in fusion ignition experiments, exploring how to develop uniform material layers that are smooth and nearly defect free.


Our Facilities, Centers and Institutes

Our work is carried out at NIF, the world's largest and most energetic laser, at additional Livermore facilities and in partnership with world-class facilities offering unique capabilities.


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