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Placing people first

As a leading research and innovation laboratory, our people are our most important asset. The challenges of our various missions demand that we draw on the widest possible diversity of talents, thought, and experiences. Our priorities include not only hiring a diverse staff, but also ensuring that we have a culture that allows everyone at the Laboratory to feel welcome and accepted.

Building an inclusive workforce

View the demographics of our workforce from 2017 to now.

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The demographics shown are provided by LLNL’s Human Resources team and represent our progress over the past five years.


Currently, the United States government Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) reporting requirements use the gender categories of male and female. We are currently reviewing the way we collect and display data.


We work toward representing all ethnicities and backgrounds. We work closely with colleges, universities, and organizations that represent diverse student populations.


Our approximately 8,000 employees fill a range of positions, including the following examples. This is not a complete list of all positions at LLNL:

  • Senior Leadership – Director/ President, Deputy Director/Vice President
  • Research/ Technical Management (First-line and Mid-level) – Engineering Management, Research Management, Technical Management
  • Operations and Research Support Management – Business Management, Computer Systems, Communications, Environmental Safety, Health, and Quality Assurance (ESHQ), Facilities Ops, HR, Legal, Tech Transfer, Strategic Planning
  • Technical Research Staff – Non-Management: Researchers, Scientists, or Engineers
  • Operations Support Staff – Non-Management: Operations and research support roles
  • Postdoctoral – Postdoc Employees
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For more information on IDEA at LLNL or our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, or to schedule an appointment to review our Affirmative Action Plan (available at 7000 East Ave, Livermore, CA 94550) during regular business hours, please contact the Director of the Office of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accountability at baylis3 [at] llnl.gov.

Join our team

We offer opportunities in a variety of fields, not just science and technology. We are home to a diverse staff of professionals that include administrators, researchers, creatives, supply chain staff, health services workers, and more. Visit our Careers Areas page to learn more about the different career paths we offer and find the one the speaks to you.

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