Lawrence Livermore's '2020 Year in Review'

Though 2020 was dominated by events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic — whether it was adapting to social distancing and the need to telecommute, safeguarding employees as they returned to conduct mission-essential work or engaging in COVID-related research — Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) managed an exceptional year in all facets of science and technology and operations.

LLNL’s month-by-month highlights from 2020 are available online in the "2020 Year in Review" edition of Newsline. Listings are in three categories: Science and Technology, People and Operations. The "2020 Year in Review" will appear electronically; there will be no print edition. The web-based format offers the advantage of providing links to the referenced Newsline articles and press releases.

The month-by-month highlights are in an interactive PDF document. For best usability, when viewing the PDF, use Firefox with Adobe Acrobat. Please note that certain versions of Acrobat Reader may not allow link accessibility within the document.