LLNL’s new software licensing portal open for business

The Innovation and Partnerships Office (IPO) has launched a new software licensing portal to facilitate the adoption of the diverse proprietary software solutions developed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers.

The portal is another outlet from IPO to promote technology transfer through partnerships and licensing opportunities to the private sector. This new website is designed to complement LLNL’s open-source software catalog with the shared goals of promoting industry adoption and innovation in academia.

Ultimately, the software portal with its proprietary software catalog help fulfill LLNL’s vision “to enable U.S. security and global stability and resilience by empowering multidisciplinary teams to pursue bold and innovative science and technology.”

In the new software licensing portal, a variety of LLNL software is made available to users through different types of licenses, ranging from non-exclusive end user licenses to custom proprietary options.

By tailoring license agreements to specific needs, IPO is able to work with businesses that are interested in distributing software as well as those keen on incorporating LLNL software into commercial products.

To provide easy access to LLNL software, the new storefront was designed to be user-friendly (requesting a license takes just a few mouse clicks), which streamlines user access to LLNL’s growing number of proprietary software. The portal also is integrated with IPO’s external website, presented alongside LLNL’s other technologies that are available for licensing.

Visit the new website on the IPO site. If you have questions about licensing or available software, softwarelicensing [at] (email) IPO.