University of California leads search for new LLNL director

June 15, 2011

University of California leads search for new LLNL director

As agreed among the LLNS, LLC partners, it is the University of California's responsibility to lead the search for the next LLNL director.  UC President Mark Yudof and UC-appointed Chairman of the LLNS Board of Governors Norman Pattiz have appointed a search committee as directed by UC Regents policy. 

A number of activities have been accomplished or are in the planning stages:

  • The position has been advertised nationally in respected science, higher education, and diversity outreach publications.  It has also been posted on LLNL, LANL, LBNL, and UC job listings.

  • LLNS Chairman Pattiz has written to the Lab community asking for nominations for and comments on the position. See his letter .

  • The search committee will hold its first meeting on June 22 at the Laboratory. Known as " Lab Day ," the purpose of the meeting is two-fold: to gain insights into LLNL, its employees, and future opportunities and challenges; and to gather input from representative staff regarding the qualities and experience considered most important for the next director. The committee will use that input to develop selection criteria to be used to assess the candidates during the search process to determine the best individual for the position. 

  • A screening task force is being formed and will be chaired by search committee member Professor Marvin Adams of Texas A&M University. The task force will be composed of noted scientists and administrators who are knowledgeable about LLNL and its scientific work, the role of LLNL as a DOE national laboratory, and who are informed about the relevant LLNL scientific areas. The task force will review all nominations and applications received for the position, and will make recommendations to the search committee for its consideration. LLNL staff will be represented on the task force, and its composition will be posted when the membership is finalized.
Pattiz has stated, "LLNL has a stellar record of outstanding science, engineering, and technology in support of the nation, and the selection of a visionary leader is critical to the Laboratory's continued success. We have an impressive group of individuals providing advice and counsel, and I am confident that we will have an exceptional outcome."