Sept. 11, 2001

Questions and Answers for LLNL Employees in Relation to Terrorist Emergency

Yes. The controller’s office guidelines will be published Wednesday, Sept. 12.

How do I find out when/if to come back to work? What is the hotline? URL?
Check the external Web page, ; call 424-LLNL (5565), stay tuned for updates on radio station KKIQ, 101.7 FM, or contact your supervisor directly.

What is our threat level? Why?
There has been no threat. Our upgraded security is a precautionary measure in response to recent events.

What plans are being made to return those whose travel home was cancelled? What about those still on travel? What about future scheduled travel?
Each AD office is making every attempt to contact all of their employees currently on foreign or domestic travel as soon as possible and assure them that with the current state of the national transportation crisis, they are free to remain in their location or they are also free to return to their homes by alternate means of transportation as available. For those employees on foreign travel, the Lab also recommends contacting the local American Embassy or Consulate. Pending foreign and domestic travel is to be postponed until it is clear that there is appropriate and sufficient transportation available.

Can visitors planned for this week still come?

Are there any new restrictions on access?
There are no additional restrictions for contractors, employees or anyone else with approved access to the site.

Is the Lab open tomorrow, Sept. 12?

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