Dec. 4, 2009
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Parney Albright introduced to Global Security

The new principal associate director for Global Security, Penrose "Parney" Albright, was introduced Thursday afternoon during a Global Security all-hands meeting in the Bldg. 123 auditorium.

Director George Miller introduced Albright, noting that the former assistant secretary for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has an "incredible resume and set of experiences."

"This area (Global Security) is one that is extremely important to me personally, to the Laboratory, and most importantly, to the country," Miller told the directorate's employees.

Albright, who started at the Laboratory Monday, is the former chairman of the Global Security Directorate Review Committee.

"Being selected to lead the Global Security Principal Directorate is one of the most exciting things that has happened to me," Albright said. "I recognize many of the people here as I have worked with the Laboratory over a 20-year span.

"Why did I come? Over those 20 years, every single time I came to Livermore I walked away amazed at the outstanding science that is performed here and the capabilities of the people."

The combination of practicing multi-disciplinary science and having researchers focused on the outcome of their work represented an "extraordinarily attractive opportunity," he said.

Albright told the Global Security staff members that he plans to start walking around into people's labs and offices and won't call for an appointment. "I'm going to ask lots and lots of questions."

Prior to joining the Lab, Albright worked at Civitas Group, a homeland security consulting group in Washington, D.C. He served as an assistant secretary in DHS; assistant director in the Office of Science and Technology Policy; senior director in the Office of Homeland Security in the White House; and program manager with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Prior to that, he was on the staff of the Institute for Defense Analyses, a Department of Defense federally funded research and development center.