May 9, 2001

LLNL Statement in Response to Tri-Valley Cares On NIF

LIVERMORE, Calif — The TriValley Cares presents an extremely inaccurate picture of the NIF project and its operating costs.

For example, NIF is a small part of NNSA's High Energy Density Physics (HEDP) Program. The entire HEDP's program 30 year cost is approximately HALF of the $32.4 billion attributed to NIF alone by Tri-Valley Cares.

The NIF project continues to make excellent technical progress and has met all its established milestones. We are confident the project will meet the performance criteria established in 1997 and will be completed for the cost and schedule established in the September 2000 baseline. This April, the NNSA certified this baseline to the U.S. Congress as the appropriate path forward for NIF.