Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory receives waste reduction award

Jan. 7, 2010

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory receives waste reduction award

Gordon Yano, , 925-423-3117

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has been named winner of a 2009 WRAP (Waste Reduction Award Program) award by the California Integrated Waste Management Board.

This is the second year in a row that the Laboratory has received the award, which recognizes California businesses and organizations that have made outstanding efforts to reduce nonhazardous waste by implementing resource-efficient practices; aggressive waste reduction, reuse and recycling activities; and procurement of recycled-content products.

LLNL regularly diverts more than 60 percent of all routine Lab solid waste generated, keeping approximately 2,500 tons out of landfills each year. In addition, LLNL saves more than $500,000 annually through sales of recyclables and reusable materials. The Lab also has a successful reuse program that accepts reusable materials sitewide and operates a “Second Time Around” store where employees can obtain reusable items at no cost for use in their work.

In the area of waste reduction, the Lab either reused or reduced waste in materials ranging from computers and televisions to cardboard boxes and office supplies. Waste reduction activities included the use of electronic forms and electronic circulation and review of documents. The Lab recycled many tons of materials, from lumber to batteries to copier and toner cartridges.

LLNL also has a formal program for Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, which includes preferential procurement of recycled content and biobased products ranging from office products to biofuels. The Lab also purchases other “green” products, such as cleaning products and energy efficient computers and appliances.