July 12, 2002


LIVERMORE, Calif — The LLNL Apprenticeship Program has announced new positions in Plant Engineering's 800 job series and Mechanical Engineering's 900 job series.

These positions will provide entry-level apprenticeships with hands-on training and instructional classes to acquire the skills needed in order to perform the duties of crafts personnel or machinists.

Over a four-year period, selected candidates must complete eight 1,000-hour training periods and are required to master all competency-based training and education objectives for each training period before a journey-level certificate is issued for a particular trade. Such trades may include: carpenters, industrial electronic electricians, air conditioning mechanics, electricians, plumber/pipe fitters, sheet metal workers and machinists.

Laboratory project leads, Larry Chesney (800 series) and John Fry (900 series) and their teams are leading the efforts to develop the individual programs, receive state approval and recruit and select qualified candidates.

All positions are currently posted and will close Aug. 2, 2002. Specific job descriptions can be viewed at http://www.llnl.gov/jobs/apprentice.html .

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