July 17, 2000

International Standards Association Certifies Laboratory Engineering Group

LIVERMORE, Calif. — The International Standards Organization has granted Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Engineering Manufacturing & Services Group ISO 9002 certification — a world-wide benchmark for high quality and customer satisfaction in production, installation and service.

The U.S. Department of Energy laboratory is believed to be the first in the DOE complex to receive this quality certification, begun in Europe to ensure global consistency in product quality and safety.

Lawrence Livermore’s Engineering Manufacturing & Services Group provides manufacturing and technical expertise at the Laboratory, including electronics design, manufacturing and installation expertise; infrastructure support for radio, television and paging; and engineering support.

ISO certification was awarded the group following an audit by Bureau Veritas Quality International, an independent agency that checked for compliance with ISO quality standards at all levels, including management policies, operating procedures and work process.

"This shows that the high standards of excellence in the Engineering Manufacturing & Services Group are now recognized at an international level," said Spiros Dimolitsas, associate director for Engineering at the Laboratory.

Certification includes regular follow-up audits to ensure continued compliance with the high standards for ISO certification.
Companies in some 143 countries around the world have achieved ISO certification.