Nov. 26, 2001

Governor Davis and CHP Unveil New Device to Stop Hijacked Trucks

Developed by engineers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Dr. Bill Wattenburg, the device allows CHP officers to safely stop a hijacked truck. An officer would strike the device, mounted on the rear of a truck, with the front bumper of a patrol car. This causes the air brakes on the truck to lock up, stopping the vehicle. Immediately following the September 11th terrorist attacks, Governor Davis ordered the CHP to work with the Lawrence Livermore National Labs to resolve this longtime problem.

Governor Davis will host a live demonstration of the Truck Stopping Device for the media.

WHERE : Oakland Coliseum parking lot. (I-880 to 66th Avenue, Main Gate Entrance)

WHEN : 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, November 27, 2001

WHO: Governor Grey Davis, Ron Cochran, Chief Executive Officer Lawrence Livermore National Labs, CHP Commissioner Spike Helmick.

VISUALS: Demonstrations of tanker truck being stopped.