Anastasio Reorganizes Security at LLNL David Leary Named as Director of Organization

June 13, 2003

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Anastasio Reorganizes Security at LLNL David Leary Named as Director of Organization

LLNL Director Michael Anastasio today announced a major reorganization of the Laboratory's Safeguards and Security activities and selected David Leary as the director of the new organization.

"Overall, the lab has been functioning well under the nation's heightened security levels for the past year and a half. But in the last few months, we've had some mistakes that include management and communication issues in our security department," said Anastasio. "I feel very strongly that we must focus our full attention on these issues. Beginning immediately, the organization will report directly to me and I've asked Dave Leary to assume leadership."

Leary, a lab employee since 1973, is currently deputy associate director for operations in the National Ignition Facility (NIF) Programs Directorate. He has extensive experience in physical and personnel security as well as in criminal investigations.

As the director, Leary will assume line and programmatic management of LLNL's Safeguards and Security activities. He will focus on continuing to ensure the Laboratory's security. One of his first actions will be the implementation of necessary corrective measures following two recent security incidents involving missing keys and a lost TESA access badge. He will also work closely with external review teams on their investigations, evaluate the security management structure and recommend appropriate continuing changes to Anastasio.

"I have a great deal of respect for the security organization at this laboratory," said David Leary. "This is an opportunity to gauge where we are and what areas can be improved, on both formal and informal levels."

In the mid 1980s Leary served as the department head of the Safeguards and Security organization. He was responsible for the implementation of the lab's first special response team and K9 dog patrols. He has a master's in police science and administration from Washington State University and a bachelor's degree in sociology from Illinois State University. In his 30-year career at the Laboratory, he has also served as the department head for Business Services and the Technical Information Department, Property Management Division Leader, Interim Manager of Public Affairs and senior staff member to the Associate Director of Lasers.

In making the announcement to employees on Friday, Anastasio also thanked Dennis Fisher for his commitment to the organization over the past few years. Dennis Fisher will continue as Associate Director for Safety and Environmental Protection.

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