Nov. 20, 2009
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2009 HOME Campaign

Don Boyd is the deputy principal associate director for Strategic Operations in the Global Security Principal Directorate. His key responsibilities include leadership and management for operations, providing tools to support project execution and customer relations, budget management and coordinator for the annual performance goals for the PAD.

The Global Security Directorate, as the organizer of this year's HOME Campaign, tapped Boyd to serve as campaign chair.

What has been your involvement in the HOME Campaign in past years?

Last year, I was the Global Security's HOME Run chairman. I worked with Renee Lopez, (who did all the hard work) to coordinate the kick-off of the HOME Campaign with the annual Run for HOME. The theme was the '70s.

What is the goal of the HOME Campaign this year?

The goal for this year's campaign is to exceed last year's staff giving of $1.7 million with support from Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC's matching contribution of $1 million. A secondary goal for this year's campaign is to encourage a much higher percentage of staff making donations to their favorite worthy organization. Did you know that just a $10 a month donation can help feed a family in need, support medical needs of staff without insurance, or help our community of people with developmental disabilities?

What is your personal philosophy of giving?

I am proud to be able to work at a great national laboratory and have the resources to support our community and to help those that are less fortunate during these difficult times. I have always provided annual contributions to several charitable organizations and agencies, such as Habitat for Humanity, hospice and food banks.

What's the key to achieving the goal of the campaign?

There are two key actions that will make our campaign successful. First is having a simple Website that allows donations by staff to be made easily. We have a great Website that makes contributing easy. Second, communication of the impact that the staff contributions and matching LLNS contributions can have on supporting our community and those in need. We are talking about HOME and will be continuing to encourage contributions all the way up to Dec. 4, the last day of the campaign.

How do you get more people to participate in the HOME Campaign?

I have been talking to employees about the importance of helping our community.  I ask if staff need help in finding the Website to make donations. Global Security has wonderful support from Acting Principal Associate Director Bruce Warner to promote a challenge for 100 percent participation. Every penny counts. Also, I let staff know they will feel like a hero by helping others when they support the HOME Campaign.

Why is it important to get involved in the campaign?

The contributions will be put to good use by each and every organization that you donate to.