Meet LLNL: Training Specialist Lauren Perry

Lauren Perry (Download Image)

Photo credit: Blaise Douros/LLNL.


For Lauren Perry, a multifaceted career at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has allowed her to embrace new opportunities in the workplace, all while managing parenthood with her husband. Perry is a mother of two children and is a training specialist within the Human Resources Workforce Development Division. Since joining LLNL in 2016, Perry has taken on various roles that connect people to opportunities.

Perry is a Tri-Valley native, born and raised in Pleasanton, California. She graduated from Las Positas College in Livermore and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Saint Mary’s College. Her psychology degree allowed her to support people undergoing challenging times. While in school, she interned with several nonprofits and built communication skills that she uses today in her role at the Lab.

Perry started her LLNL career as a Workforce Development Division administrator in 2016; it was her first experience interacting with employees in a customer-service role.

“I didn’t know the Lab was like a little town,” she said. “My husband, who is an electrician here, encouraged me to apply since he knew I would enjoy working with people and the many organizations.”

Perry’s first role as an administrator introduced her to understanding customer needs and connecting them to solutions.

“I was able to see first-hand the growing needs of our customers and my curiosity about workforce development began to grow: from learning about the different types of people who work here to the team dynamics across directorates," she said. "I learned that I can’t be bored since I work across all the different organizations.”

In 2018, Perry had the opportunity to transition roles and work with the Explosives Training Program within Strategic Deterrence, building out a multi-phased program in partnership with Texas A&M Engineering Extension.

After returning to Workforce Development in early 2020, she embraced the Lab’s flexible work options. Little did Perry know that she was essentially piloting a future hybrid and remote framework that would be used by the entire workforce in the years that followed.

“I always tease my old supervisor by saying: ‘I didn’t mean to take the whole Lab with me,’” she said. “Soon after, the entire Lab population went remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was an example of what I enjoy doing in the workplace. I enjoy finding solutions to complex problems and in my role, I can do that.”

The flexibility of a hybrid schedule, including alternative work arrangements, were benefits Perry appreciated at the Lab. “The Lab allowed me to explore my interests and supported me with a hybrid schedule,” she said. “This level of trust makes me value my leadership even more. It allowed me to lend my leadership skills inside and outside of the Lab community.”

Perry is involved with several Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at the Lab. She is a proud member of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Women’s Association, Veterans in Energy Technology & Science and Abilities Champions; she also is a leader in LLNL’s newest ERG, Remote Worker & Hybrid Teams (RW&HT). Her leadership role with the RW&HT ERG engages her in new ways, and she is excited for the group’s growth. Outside the Lab, she is still involved with nonprofit organizations, like the Parkinson’s Association, where she participates in their yearly walkathon with her family. 

What Perry enjoys most about a hybrid work schedule is the ability to raise her children alongside her husband. It complements how she describes herself: “I am a full-time mom and part-time training specialist.”

“I am a mother first,” she said. “Motherhood has its challenges, but having a hybrid work schedule allows me to be present at home while still creating impact at work and fulfilling my duties.”

When she’s not working, Perry’s hobbies include reading and discovering new food spots. Her favorite book genre is thriller since it keeps her brain busy and she’s always looking for new dishes to try.

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