Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and University of Toledo sign collaborative research agreement

LLNL collaborative research agreement-signing (Download Image)

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Director Kim Budil and The University of Toledo President Gregory Postel sign a collaboration agreement. (Photos: Daniel Miller/The University of Toledo)

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and The University of Toledo (UToledo) formalized a collaboration agreement with a signing ceremony on Wednesday, Nov. 8. 

The agreement calls for the institutions to exchange science and technology ideas, to support student opportunities and internships and to pursue research and development in areas like solar energy and other renewable energy technologies, climate and environmental science, biomedical sciences and hydrogen.

“We are pleased to further build and enhance our collaboration with The University of Toledo,” LLNL Director Kim Budil said. “By partnering in critical areas of science, technology and education, we can amplify our impact and make meaningful advances that benefit our communities and beyond.”

LLNL Director Kim Budil and UToledo President Gregory Postel congratulate each other after signing a collaborative agreement.

“UToledo is proud to expand our relationship with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,” said UToledo President Gregory Postel. “Our researchers have already been working together closely on projects related to water quality, medical research, solar energy and cybersecurity, and this memorandum of understanding opens a door to explore additional areas of collaboration.” 

Lawrence Livermore and UToledo researchers have been collaborating on projects for many years but greatly expanded collaborations after October 2019, when UToledo hosted National Lab Day in partnership with U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur and Mike Witherell, Toledo native and chief of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California. Directors of 10 national laboratories, as well as lead program officials from these and other laboratories, traveled to campus to discuss ways to collaborate with UToledo. 

“The collaborative research relationship between Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and The University of Toledo will bring cutting-edge facilities, technology and among the sharpest minds in our nation to our doorstep in Northwest Ohio,” Kaptur said. “The partnership will provide our local scholars and scientists untold benefits as The University of Toledo, under the leadership of President Gregory Postel, further builds its profile and pedigree as a leading research university. Our National Laboratories are the nation’s crown jewel of scientific investment and innovation, and we cannot do enough to connect their work to our universities and business in Northern Ohio.”