Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory honored as a 2024 VETS Indexes 4-Star Employer

LLNL members of the military and veteran community efforts (Download Image)

LLNL is home to more than 600 veterans. LLNL actively recruits and retains veterans to fill critical workforce needs. Pictured here are members of the military and veteran community that support recruitment, retention and inclusion efforts. From left to right: Casi Painter, Mike Skeels, Chris Bishop, Kelly Burns, John Wong, Anthony Mckenna, Alexis Massey, Barry Goldman, Shaun Stephenson and Katie Pagni. (Photo credit: Blaise Douros/LLNL)


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has been recognized as a VETS Indexes 4 Star Employer in the 2024 VETS Indexes Employer Awards. The award recognizes organizations committed to recruiting, hiring, retaining, developing and supporting veterans and the military-connected community. LLNL is one of 285 organizations recognized for 2024. See the full slate of awardees here.

The VETS Indexes is a leading voice on veteran employment issues, overseeing the VETS Indexes Employer Awards. The evaluation focuses on the following subject areas: veteran job candidate recruiting and hiring, veteran employee support and retention, veteran-inclusive company culture, support for members of the National Guard and Reserves and military spouse/family support.

“The extraordinary efforts of LLNL to hire, retain and support veterans and the military-connected community have earned the organization one of our highest awards,” said George Altman, president of VETS Indexes. “Competition for the VETS Indexes Employer Awards was tougher than ever in 2024, as a record number of organizations participated. Even with hundreds of employers in the running, the veterans program at LLNL stood out from the rest. Congratulations to LLNL on this outstanding achievement,” Altman said.

Since its founding, LLNL scientists, engineers, administrative professionals and technicians have forged strong ties to all military branches. LLNL proudly supports military students, active/reserve enlisted and commissioned servicemembers and veterans, providing a place where many can call home during and after their years of service. The mission-focused culture of LLNL allows military and veteran employees to transition smoothly from military to civilian life while still contributing to a larger purpose. LLNL’s Military and Veteran Outreach Program leads student, active duty and veterans programs.

“LLNL has truly embraced military and veteran outreach and recruiting, partnering across many universities, military bases and organizations that focus on supporting the transition of this highly valued and talented population. Since program inception, the veteran population has grown by 97%,” said LLNL Military and Veteran Strategic Program Manager Shaun Stephenson.

The Laboratory also utilizes the Department of Defense SkillBridge Program, providing highly talented military personnel with an internship capacity while completing their military service. Program participants are often hired as full-time employees following their internship. Furthermore, LLNL is home to an inclusive campus of employees from all backgrounds.

There are currently 12 employee resource groups (ERGs) at LLNL that support employees in myriad ways, including professional development, recruitment, networking, mentoring, internships, scholarships and leadership opportunities. LLNL’s Veterans in Energy Technology & Science (VETS) ERG promotes the value of veterans within their communities through investment in education, career development and lifelong support.

“The Laboratory is an incredibly welcoming place for all and especially for our military and veteran communities,” said Mike Skeels, VETS ERG vice president. “The VETS ERG really helped my transition and acclimation to the Lab culture. Lab leadership truly values veterans and their impact, and it is always evident during our many veteran-ran events.”

Veterans at the Laboratory have established a reputation for technical excellence and intangible skills like leadership, problem-solving and a sound work ethic. The LLNL Military and Veteran Outreach Program fact sheet shares programmatic data and testimonials from participants. Organizers of the program include Stephenson; Barry Goldman, student military programs specialist; and Katie Pagni, senior administrative specialist. For general veteran and military outreach inquiries, military-veterans [at] (send an email).