DOE announces new funding for High Performance Computing for Energy Innovation projects

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced the latest funding round for the High Performance Computing for Energy Innovation (HPC4EI) initiative, awarding $3 million for 10 projects applying DOE supercomputing to advance clean energy technologies and improve manufacturing efficiency.

HPC4EI is the umbrella initiative for the HPC4Manufacturing (HPC4Mfg) and HPC4Materials (HPC4Mtls) programs. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has successfully managed the initiative and its subprograms for 150 projects since 2015.

With funding from the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office, projects selected under the HPC4Mfg program for the fall 2021 solicitation include efforts in industrial decarbonization, carbon dioxide (CO2)emissions reduction, carbon-capture processes and low-to-zero carbon fuels.

Funded by DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, the three projects selected for the HPC4Mtls program will use high performance computing to advance structural materials for turbines burning hydrogen and hydrogen-fossil fuel mixtures and for methods to convert CO2 to ethanol.

Participating DOE laboratories include the Lawrence Berkeley, Oak Ridge and Argonne national laboratories, and the National Energy Technology Laboratory. Partner companies include Dow Chemical, Siemens Energy Inc., the Ford Motor Company, Praxair Surface Technologies and others. Projects range across areas such as CO2 removal, improving wind turbine technology and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and other clean energy and energy efficient manufacturing processes. Each selected project will receive $300,000 from DOE.

For a full list of awardees, visit the HPC4 Energy Innovation website

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