LLNL’s Cross receives Meritorious Civilian Service Award

Chris Cross, deputy associate program leader for Weapons and Complex Integration’s (WCI) Strategic Partnership Programs, has received the Meritorious Civilian Service Award from the Department of the Army for his time on the Army Science Board (ASB). He received the award for his service as a member of a 5th Generation Combat Vehicle and related 2040 Battlefield study from August 2018 to January 2021.

The Meritorious Civilian Service Award is the second highest award granted by the Secretary of the Army or a major Army commander to civilian personnel.

The award cites, “Dr. Chris Cross’ extraordinary professionalism, initiative and expertise as a member of the Army Science Board enabled him to make profound contributions to the understanding of the intelligence, technical, warfighting and investment strategies necessary to replace the M1A2 Abrams tank on the battlefield of 2040. Dr. Cross was instrumental in influencing final recommendations provided to the Commanding General, Army Futures Command and to the Secretary of the Army. His invaluable contributions reflect great credit upon him, the Army Science Board, the Department of the Army and the Department of Defense.”

Cross said the award is a tribute to the Lab’s continued support for the Department of Defense and is a reflection of the broad capability and desire at LLNL to work on the nation’s hardest problems.

“This is really an award for the Lab and reflects LLNL’s willingness and commitment to invest in national security,” he said. “The award is not about me, but it is a reflection of LLNL’s long history supporting national security, the Department of Defense and the entire national security enterprise.”

The ASB, like all Department of Defense (DoD) science boards, is composed of volunteers with diverse generally technical backgrounds to provide the army or other DoD organizations an independent assessment of technology or emerging capabilities and how those capabilities will impact the DoD. The boards are chartered to provide senior leaders with technical advice or recommendations leveraging the expertise of the board members.