COVID-19 update: Clarification on timekeeping


Due to shelter-in-place orders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, LLNL is in a state of Minimum Safe Operations.

As the Laboratory continues to transition to Minimum Safe Operations by Monday, March 23, all employees who can effectively telecommute should be doing so, with the exception of employees performing minimum safe activities.

Now that the Laboratory is close to achieving a Minimum Safe Operations status, we have clarification on timekeeping. Employees should use the following timekeeping guidance:

  • Charge sick leave if you are sick
  • Charge vacation if you are on vacation
  • Charge appropriate project/task if you are working (e.g. telecommuting, supporting Minimum Safe Operations)
  • Charge authorized leave if:
    • Your job cannot be accomplished via telecommuting
    • You are caring for someone else
    • You are sick and have exhausted your sick leave
    • You do not have enough work to fill a full day telecommuting and need to cover the remaining time.

For more information on how to charge time during Minimum Safe Operations, please see the COVID Timekeeping FAQs. This guidance may change depending upon further direction from the federal government.

Site access

Only those involved in Minimum Safe Operations, identified mission-critical activities or employees retrieving telecommuting equipment should be on site during this time.

Telecommuting equipment

Employees who need to return to pick up equipment for telecommuting may do so. Those awaiting equipment will be contacted by LivIT for further instructions. As a reminder, all LLNL equipment leaving the Laboratory must be approved for off-site use, be properly encrypted and have a property pass. If an employee is unable to secure their supervisor’s signature on the property pass, an email from the supervisor authorizing the employee to have a laptop for off site use is sufficient. For important information on telecommuting, including how to use your personal computer to work from home or access needed software, click here.

Minimum Safe Operations will continue through Tuesday, April 7. During this time, it is important that employees regularly check for updates via e-Line, AtHoc or the external Emergency Communication web page. All employees who have not done so should sign up for AtHoc. Click here for instructions.

The COVID-19 employee hotline remains available at 2-6843 (COVID). Employees also can access a regularly updated list of Frequently Asked Questions and a compilation of helpful information. Employees with questions not answered by the FAQs and listed resources also may reach out to covid19 [at] (this email address). ​​​​​​​


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