Lab presented with EPA Federal Green Challenge Award

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Senior managers, contributors and award presenters from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gathered at a Federal Green Challenge award presentation ceremony last week. Pictured from left: Cindy Mcaneney, Jessica Copeman, Jessica Counts-Arnold (EPA), Eric McKinzie, Kathy Taylor (EPA), Hanif Nassor-Covington, Reva Nickelson, Heather Ottaway, Frances Alston, Lucas Federle, Stu Jossey, Anita Gursahani and Denise Miller.

Representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) presented a team of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) employees with a Federal Green Challenge award at a ceremony last week.

The Federal Green Challenge is a national effort under EPA's Sustainable Materials Management Program, challenging EPA and other federal agencies throughout the country to lead by example in reducing the federal government's environmental impact.

“The success we have achieved through today is accomplished through extensive teamwork and partnerships with organizations such as NNSA, DOE, ES&H, Infrastructure and Operations and other LLNL programs,” said Cindy McAneney, Asset Management department head. “The award recognizes LLNL commitment to progress in sustainable initiatives, especially our progress in establishing an effective charging infrastructure for personal and government vehicles.”

Heather Ottaway, the LLNL Environmental Management Sustainability lead, prepared and submitted the application on behalf of the Laboratory for this award recognizing the following team for overseeing the program: Stu Jossey, Supply & Distribution Support Services division leader; Hanif Nassor-Covington, Fleet Management group leader; and Lucas Federle, EV program administrator.

The award was officially announced in August but presented in person last week by Katherine Taylor, associate director, EPA Region 9. Taylor was accompanied by Jessica Counts-Arnold, Federal Green Challenge lead and pollution prevention coordinator for Region 9.

Taylor EPA
Katherine Taylor, associate director, U.S. EPA Region 9, presented the Lab team with a Federal Green Challenge award. The Laboratory was the national winner in transportation.

“Federal agencies are recognized through the Federal Green Challenge for outstanding efforts that go beyond regulatory compliance and strive for annual improvements of 5 percent or more in selected target areas,” Taylor said. “We are pleased to present you with the national award for transportation and recognize your continued and outstanding work in 2018 to advance sustainability efforts and reduce the federal government’s environmental footprint.”

The Laboratory was recognized as a national winner in transportation for its government-owned electric vehicle (EV) program in collaboration with the Department of Energy. This program was brought into fruition to help the Lab and its employees be proactive in reducing emissions and meeting sustainability goals, which included increasing the size of the Lab’s electric vehicle fleet and replacing gas-powered vehicles. In implementing the EV program, LLNL used innovative methods and cutting-edge technology that is transferable to other DOE facilities.

The government EV program was established through many discussions between DOE and the Laboratory's Fleet Management Program. DOE recognized LLNL's successful personal EV charging program and determined LLNL would be a perfect site for a pilot program and to introduce a fleet of 10 government-owned electric vehicles, replacing 10 gas-powered vehicles. LLNL also was the only DOE site to show a strong interest in EVs by committing to incrementally replace its fleet of 80 sedans with EVs. The first 10 vehicles were received in 2017 and later tripled with an additional 20 vehicles received in 2018. See "Laboratory pilots electric vehicle program."

solar car
LLNL has installed additional Level II charging stations and solar-powered units to meet the increased demand.

In 2017, the Lab added two hardwired Level II charging stations and two Level II solar-powered charging units to service the fleet and enhance the Lab's current personal electric vehicle program that benefits many LLNL commuters. In 2018, LLNL installed seven more Level II charging stations and purchased two additional solar-powered units.

“Winning this award is positive feedback from a federal agency that we are on the right track toward making progress on sustainability goals and we are an employer that supports government and personal electric vehicle use,” Jossey said.

Since the government electric vehicles were deployed in October 2017 through the end of 2018, the Laboratory estimates greenhouse gas emission reductions of 10.5 megatons.