Seminar Series Connects HED Science Experts

Hansen profile (Download Image)

Stephanie Hansen, a physicist from Sandia National Laboratories, presented her research as part of LLNL’s HED Science Center Seminar Series.

LLNL’s High Energy Density (HED) Science Center hosted 31 speakers during 2018 as part of the Center’s Seminar Series. The ongoing program invites HED science researchers from around the world to discuss their work, helping LLNL scientists expand their awareness of HED science research at other institutions, and connecting experts from other institutions with LLNL scientists.

Speakers typically visit for one to two days, during which they meet with LLNL scientists who work on related topics. According to physicist Paul Grabowski, who serves as the chair of the Seminar Series, the meetings allow more in-depth learning on both sides, and they may lead to long-term collaboration.

In addition to calling for presentations from researchers at other institutions, the Center invites LLNL staff to give talks to help cross-pollinate ideas across LLNL. According Grabowski, the series helps to connect researchers with LLNL scientists, while also highlighting research regarding various aspects of HED science for LLNL staff.

More information regarding Seminar Series presentations can be found on the HEDS Center site.