June 7, 2002

UC Regents' Committee on Oversight to gather at Lab for program overviews

A committee of the UC Board of Regents will meet at the Laboratory Wednesday, June 12. The Regents will hold their meeting at the Public Affairs Press Room, Trailer 6575, located near the East Gate entrance and Visitors Center.

The Regents Committee on Oversight of the Department of Energy Laboratories periodically meets at the Lab, as well as Lawrence Berkeley and Los Alamos national laboratories. During their visit, the Regents will receive an overview of the Lab, ASCI, national security and the National Ignition Facility. The Regents also will tour NIF, the Superblock, the National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center, as well as the construction sites for the Terascale Simulation Facility and the International Security Research Facility.

The Livermore meeting will begin with a public comment session at 8:30 a.m. Reserved parking is available at the Credit Union/Public Affairs entrance to the laboratory off Greenville Road.

The general public and the media are invited to attend the opening of the meeting and the public comment session. Anyone wishing to address the Regents during the public comment session may register at the meeting before the start of the public comment session. Speakers should direct their comments to matters on the committee’s agenda.

However, members of the public and news media who wish to attend the other portions of the meeting that are open to the public (see agenda) must be badged. Only U.S. citizens will be badged. For a complete agenda, see the Website at http://www.ucop.edu/regents/regmeet/june4.pdf