A distinguished track record in developing, deploying and delivering advanced biodefense capabilities

To keep the world safe from ever-changing biological threats, revolutionary advances in detection, characterization and mitigation are essential to safeguard against disease.

The Laboratory's researchers believe the best way to respond to a crisis is to prevent that crisis from taking place. That's why the Laboratory teams with academia, industry and other government agencies to take on the entire lifecycle of a biological threat – from awareness to prevention, preparedness to detection, and response to recovery.

The Laboratory's expertise includes:

  • Rapid detection and characterization of emerging and unknown threats by enabling a global disease surveillance system that will significantly reduce the time it takes to detect and characterize an emerging or unknown pathogen.
  • Speedier development of new medical countermeasures for new pathogens by addressing key scientific barriers in the drug discovery and development process.
  • Greatly improved science to underpin threat assessment and risk analyses, through science-based threat characterization, simulation and intelligence analysis.