Lee Talbot

For Obituary Headshot Lee Talbot

Lee Talbot died Aug. 3.

Talbot’s life was about going fast. His family referred to him often in the last few years as the “Energizer Bunny." In his youth, he built and raced motorcycles and cars with his friends on dirt tracks and in the California deserts. Later, he shifted to speed-style, and interests in building and racing boats. Most of all he loved to build and modify boats and in doing this over the years, he acquired a large group of friends from Arizona to California, who will remember their wonderful family times racing and being around the water and jet boats.

Talbot spent his working life for 36 years at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in mechanical engineering. During that time, he sought to be in the frontline testing area and got much satisfaction from being part of the Lab’s success.

He is survived by his wife, Judy Talbot of Astoria, Oregon; daughter, Tanna Orr of Salem, Oregon; former wife and friend, Jean Talbot of Livermore; their two children, Lori Talbot (Brad)  Briegleb of Clayton, and Christopher (Connie) Talbot of Livermore; Judy’s children, Erin Goulette of Eugene, Oregon and Tim Cadigan of Portland, Oregon; a sister, Suzie (Dick) Tavis of Santa Barbara and a large, extended family, including grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.

A celebration of life was recently held at Beeb’s in Livermore.