Lawrence Livermore earns Green Fleet Award for electric vehicle initiatives

Howard Depew EV station (Download Image)

LLNL employee Howard Depew charges a car at one of the Lab’ EV charger stations. Photo by Garry McLeod/LLNL.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) was among three National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) sites recognized for its eco-minded approach to transforming on-site transportation infrastructure.

The Laboratory was presented the DOE Green Fleet Award by the DOE Office of Management and was granted $500,000 for electrification projects supporting electric vehicle (EV) charging and acquisition of 100% zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). Other NNSA award recipients include Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Y-12 National Security Complex.

The award comes as NNSA advances its goal to host a fully electric vehicle fleet by 2035. Lawrence Livermore’s Aaron Ward, deputy principal associate director for the Operations and Business Directorate, explained the significance of the DOE’s sustainable transportation initiatives.

“Over the past year, Livermore has partnered with the DOE and NNSA to promote the transition of our federal fleet from internal combustion engine vehicles to ZEVs through both vehicle exchange and the leasing of new vehicles,” he said. “As federal vehicles are driven about 4.5 billion miles each year and use almost 400 million gallons of gasoline, electrifying the federal fleet could not only help accelerate EV adoption, but play a significant role in decarbonizing the transportation sector by way of reducing billions of pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year.”

DOE and NNSA continue to weigh opportunities and availability of ZEVs to ensure green transportation becomes standard business practice. So far, NNSA sites have replaced 232 of their 401 light-duty vehicles with ZEVs.

“While ZEV acquisition has occurred in several organizations at Livermore, the Infrastructure and Operations Directorate (I&O) accounted for the largest contribution, exchanging 21 of 85 vehicles scheduled for replacement with ZEVs,” Ward said.

Ward also emphasized that the recognition results from extensive cooperation across the Laboratory.

“This transition has required the sustained and dedicated effort of Fleet Management Services Team Lead Mike Hiatt and Institutional Supply Service Group Lead Christa Ormonde. The I&O team — John Pederson, Vasco Espinoza, Howard Depew, Bill Howing and Heather Ottaway — conducted an extensive analysis to identify possible vehicles for replacement and employees who could effectively and efficiently perform their job with an EV.”

Ward added: “Receiving this award is great recognition of the effort our staff are putting into creating a more sustainable workplace. I hope this is the first of many awards that LLNL will be receiving as we evolve and emerge as a leader in sustainable operations across the complex.”

Elliot Jaffe