A new Virtual Discovery Center experience

virtual DC (Download Image)

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For decades, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s (LLNL’s) Discovery Center has served as a window into LLNL’s state-of-the-art research. With the center closed to the public during to the pandemic, the Lab has pivoted the Discovery Center experience from in-person to virtual.

“LLNL is pleased to introduce the all-new Virtual Discovery Center,” said Joanna Albala, LLNL’s Science Education Program manager. “This new platform provides an interactive experience for visitors to explore the virtual site and learn about the Lab and our work.”

Intended as a resource for students, teachers and members of the public, the Virtual Discovery Center showcases exciting scientific discoveries from around the Laboratory with links to videos, educational resources and fun facts typically shared while visiting the center. Among many other activities, visitors can meet the wildlife that reside on-site, learn about the Laboratory’s research in space or download a comic book that takes readers inside the National Ignition Facility, the world’s most energetic laser.

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