LLNS announces recipients of $100,000 Community Gift Program 2012

(Download Image) Laboratory Director Parney Albright spoke to the recipients of this year's LLNS Community Gift Giving Program and thanked them for their work.  See more photos .   Photos by Bob Hirschfeld/LLNL

Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC (LLNS), the contract manager for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), has announced the recipients for the 2012 LLNS Community Gift Program. These gifts, totaling $100,000, reflect LLNS' commitment to the local communities.

LLNS received 66 applications totaling more than $636,000 in requests. Twenty-six applications totaling $100,000 were selected for awards through a committee review process. The majority of these awards serve children in the Tri-Valley area and San Joaquin County, with a focus on science, math education, engineering and cultural arts.

"It is our privilege to be able to contribute to the enormously worthwhile efforts of these agencies and their impact in science, education and the arts in the community," said Parney Albright, LLNS president and LLNL director. "We thank them for their hard work and their dedication in helping the community we share."

Following are this year's LLNS Community Gift Program award recipients, and a brief description of their programs and goals:

  • Agape Villages Foster Family Agency, Enhanced Treatment Foster Care enhances the quality of life for foster children through enrichment activities.
  • Alameda Science & Engineering Fair Association 2013 Year 2 Expansion stimulates the interest of Alameda County middle and high school students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
  • Amador Valley High School, Molecular and Cellular Research Class and Club provides students who have excelled in science a forum and equipment to do college-level research.
  • Amador Valley High School Biotechnology Class, Thermal Cycler-Polymerase Chain Reaction exposes students to the business and technical aspects of biotechnology while participating in hands-on identification of DNA sequences.
  • Andrew Christensen Middle School, Expanding Lessons and Improving Equity in Middle School STEM Education encourages students in STEM careers through hands-on science, math and engineering-based lessons.
  • Broadening Educational Possibilities Inc., Lincoln Unified School District: Math & Science Store Project allows Stockton fifth graders to learn and practice math skills through the creation of a school store.
  • Contra Costa Economic Partnership, Presenting Sponsorship for the 2013 Contra Costa County Science and Engineering Fair inspires Contra Costa middle and high school students toward high-demand STEM careers as well as providing a bridge between businesses and education.
  • Dougherty Valley High School, High Speed for High School - Eppendorf MiniSpins Centrifuges for AP Biology and Biotech provides students with hands-on lab experiences, instilling an appreciation and curiosity for science.
  • Dublin High School, Construction in Algebra provides students hands-on experiences that connect pure math to the field of construction through engaging lessons.
  • Dublin High School, Polymerase Chain Reaction for Research in High School introduces students to biotechnology, utilizing labs and techniques that can be applied to college and beyond.
  • Dublin Unified School District, Engineering and Design Academy with a Pathway Program of Study promotes STEM education to Tri-Valley students through its Engineering and Design Academy and its feeder schools.
  • Fairlands Elementary PTA, Fairlands Outdoor Science Classroom provides enrichment opportunities to children through its outdoor science classroom.
  • Faith Network of the East Bay, Inc., Science Horizons Program supports the teaching and learning of fourth and fifth grade science in the Oakland Unified School District.
  • Give Every Child a Chance, STEM in the After School Program provides assistance/mentoring to children in after school programs as well as supports activities aimed at improving their confidence and skill level in STEM.
  • Las Positas College, Promoting a Culture of Scientific Research: Undergraduate Science Research Poster provides educational opportunities to meet the academic, intellectual, technical, creative and personal development goals of its students.
  • Livermore-Amador Symphony, Livermore-Amador Symphony Orchestra Club at Junction Avenue K-8 School presents musical programs of cultural and educational value for the benefit of the community.
  • Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District, 2012-2013 Teaching Opportunities for Partners in Science (TOPS) Program provides hands-on activities for approximately 5,500 elementary and middle school students in science education. Funds will be used to maintain and expand the program.
  • Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District, Granada High School, Bio-Rad Gel Doc EZ System and Electophoresis Supplies designs coursework to give students the needed laboratory skills to prepare them for college or to enter the workforce.
  • Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center, Sponsorship for Professor Smart's Fun with Physics Show operates a performing arts center that promotes and encourages the presentation and creation of visual and performing arts, including those bringing science to life.
  • San Ramon Valley Unified School District, Summer Engineering Lab offers students enrichment courses during summer, including an engineering lab to explore circuits and electricity.
  •  Title VII American Indian Education Program, LVJUSD, "American Indian Education in the 21st Century" Title VII Tutoring Program provides for the educational and culturally related academic needs of students of American Indian heritage in the Livermore Valley.
  • Tracy High School, Upgrading Probeware in the Tracy High Science Department strives to provide students with an effective lab experience using up-to-date hardware and software.
  • Tracy Unified School District Biotechnology Program at Tracy High, Student Research in Biotechnology provides students experience in the fundamental techniques used in biotechnologies and opportunities to conduct research.
  • Tri-Valley Haven for Women, Tri-Valley Haven Food Pantry provides essential nourishment by distributing food to Tri-Valley residents in need.
  • Windemere Ranch Middle School, STEM Q&A: K-12 Science Trivia Program encourages students interested in STEM by providing a computerized trivia program rewarding students for correct answers.
  • World of Wonders Science Museum, Inc., Outreach Hands-on Educational Programs offers hands-on science exhibits and programs to stimulate the discovery of science for all ages.
For more information about the LLNS Community Gift Program, go to the LLNS Website.