Bay Area Science Festival to offer weekend fun

The Lab has been a proud supporter of the first annual Bay Area Science Festival, an event that brings together an unprecedented brain trust of the region's scientific and educational partners to produce one of the largest science-based events ever held in the United States, featuring more than 100 fun, interactive science and technology events. Before the festival comes to a close Nov. 6, a number of these events -- free and open to the public -- remain to liven up the upcoming weekend.

Friday, Nov. 4, San Francisco's Mission District will showcase both the neighborhood's science and its brews during the Sci-Crawl. The pub crawl, held from 6-9:30 p.m., will feature sessions exploring the science behind beer, tattoos, science fiction and more.

Sunday, Nov. 6, will serve as the culmination of the week's events with Science Discovery Days at AT&T Park, held from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. LLNL will join more than 170 exhibitors on the field to showcase a 3D video from the National Ignition Facility, interactive electronic climate simulation and science challenge games and the popular "Fun with Science" show. The Lab booth will be found at home plate.

LLNL also participated in the Festival's Science Discovery Days at Cal State East Bay held Saturday, Oct. 29. Volunteers presented a series of "Fun with Science" sessions, drawing more than 300 attendees. LLNL's David Dearborn presented a talk on "Avoiding Armageddon: Diverting Asteroids with Nuclear Explosives," taking a look at the asteroid impact threat to earth and the development of the ability to divert such objects through nuclear explosives. Like the Fun with Science presentations, Dearborn's talk drew a packed crowd of more than 300 listeners.

For more information about the Bay Area Science Festival or to see a full schedule of events, visit the festival Website .