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For article Lab instrument will explore asteroid Psyche

Lab instrument will explore asteroid Psyche

June 14, 2017 -  
In a few years, an instrument designed and built by Lawrence Livermore National Laborato ry (LLNL) researchers will be flying hundreds of millions of miles through space to explore a rare, largely metal asteroid. The Livermore gamma ray spectrometer will be built in collaboration with researchers...
Orion spacecraft

NASA taps Livermore photon scientists for heat-shield research

Oct. 27, 2014 -  
Researchers in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's NIF & Photon Science Directorate are working with NASA Ames Research Center at Moffet Field, California on the development of technology to simulate re-entry effects on the heat shield for the Orion spacecraft , NASA's next crewed...
For article Dead star shines on

Dead star shines on

Oct. 9, 2014 -  
A supernova is the cataclysmic death of a star, but it seems its remnants shine on.Astronomers have found a pulsating, dead star beaming with the energy of about 10 million suns. This is the brightest pulsar -- a dense stellar remnant leftover from a supernova -- ever recorded, and was seen using...

Media advisory: Lawrence Livermore, Livermore school district to host NASA space station downlink

June 4, 2012 -  
WHO: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District are teaming up to give students the opportunity to talk with astronauts aboard the International Space Station. WHAT: After submitting an application to NASA's education program, Livermore's...
For article Livermore research tops NASA's science highlights

Livermore research tops NASA's science highlights

June 10, 2011 -  
Research conducted by Livermore scientists that determined some of the oldest objects in the solar system formed far away from our sun and then later fell back into the mid-plane of the solar system has landed a top spot in this year's NASA Science Highlights. The research may lead to a greater...