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Providing data for nuclear detectives

Mar. 3, 2015 -  
Fans of the popular TV series “CSI” know that the forensics experts who investigate crime scenes are looking for answers to three key questions: “Who did it; how did they do it; and can we stop them from doing it again?” The field of nuclear forensics, an important element of LLNL’s national...

White captures second award for nuclear forensics work

Nov. 15, 2013 -  
For the second time, Lab physicist Roger White, a designer in B-Division from the Weapons and Complex Integration (WCI) Directorate, has received an award from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency ( DTRA ) for his work in post-detonation nuclear forensics. White was named the "top contributor of the...

From the stars to nuclear forensics

Jul. 5, 2011 -  
Using an instrument originally developed to probe the minute amounts of stellar dust found in meteorites, Kim Knight has developed a technique to analyze raw materials to determine the fallout from a nuclear explosion. Called Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry or RIMS, Knight and LLNL colleague...