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brain on a chip

'Brain-on-a-chip' tests effects of biological and chemical agents, develop countermeasures

Dec. 18, 2017 -  
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ( LLNL ) scientists and engineers have developed a “brain-on-a-chip” device aimed at testing and predicting the effects of biological and chemical agents, disease or pharmaceutical drugs on the brain over time without the need for human or animal subjects. The...

Lab team measures peripheral nervous system activity with microchip-based platform

July 26, 2016 -  
For the first time, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers have successfully incorporated adult human peripheral nervous system (PNS) cells on a microelectrode platform for long-term testing of chemical and toxic effects on cell health and function. The study, part of a project...

‘Human-on-a-chip’ could replace animal testing

June 2, 2016 -  
Development of new prescription drugs and antidotes to toxins currently relies extensively on animal testing in the early stages of development, which is not only expensive and time consuming, it can give scientists inaccurate data about how humans will respond to such agents. But what if...