Shiela Dixson

shiela dixon

Shiela Dixson

“LLNL is a great place to work because of the unique mission, exciting science and engineering, and fantastic work-life balance.”

Shiela works as a financial analyst for Environment, Safety & Health, and as the treasurer for Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Women’s Association (LLLWA). She feels that LLNL is a great place to work because the Laboratory tackles new and innovative projects that affect the world.    

She is a part of LLLWA and the African American Body of Laboratory Employees (ABLE) employee resource group (ERG). She joined both groups to make a difference. “Everyone has the ability to contribute to helping each ERG be successful in its mission,” she says. “The LLLWA ERG provides an opportunity to help raise awareness of different women’s concerns and also provide financial assistance for scholarships to assist employees in reaching their educational goals. The ABLE ERG provides an opportunity for employees to gather together and openly discuss concerns and try to navigate each employee to a valuable resource within the Laboratory that can assist with the issue. ABLE also provides scholarship opportunities to assist employees with educational growth.”

Shiela believes diversity and inclusion are important because everyone should feel included in their circle, both personally and professionally: “We should value and respect our differences between the various cultures, genders, races, etc. among our friends, co-workers, and mankind. We must learn to embrace or at least be open to learning about others and the reason they feel or react a certain way.” 
Her role models include her father, Oprah Winfrey, and Nelson Mandela. Her favorite Mandela quote is: “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”