April 12, 2002

UC committee to begin interviews for Lab's next director later this month

Interviews of candidates for the Lab’s next director will take place later this month.

The candidates will be interviewed by a special advisory committee appointed by the University of California. The committee includes two Lab representatives — Cynthia Nitta of Defense and Nuclear Technologies and AD Hal Graboske — and is chaired by UC President Richard C. Atkinson.

More than 40 applications and nominations were received by the University of California from inside and outside the Lab. A screening committee developed a short list of candidates which the advisory committee reviewed last month. The screening committee was chaired by John Birely, an independent consultant and former assistant to the secretary of defense and associate director for nuclear weapons at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and included Livermore Lab members.

"The screening committee has shown tremendous integrity, thoroughness and thoughtfulness in completing this process," said John McTague, the UC vice president of Laboratory Management and a member of the advisory committee. "I commend each member for their sense of dedication."

McTague also thanked the various Lab members for their participation in the screening process and Lab employees who addressed the advisory committee when it visited the Lab in early march.

"It is important that Lab employees take an active role in the process of finding their next director," he said. "The input they have provided has been informative and useful to the screening and advisory committees."

Atkinson is expected to present his choice for approval by the UC Regents in May.

The finalist will be the Lab’s ninth director. Director Bruce Tarter announced last December that he would step down from his position, after leading the Lab for more than seven years, the second longest tenure in the Lab’s history (Roger Batzel served the longest, at 17 years). Tarter will take on other assignments at the Lab.