June 22, 2001

Today is your last chance to submit survey booklets

Today is the last day to mail your booklets for the employee survey, "Assessing the Workplace.’’ If you are filling out the survey online, you still have until June 29.

Both deadlines were recently extended to give more employees time to complete the survey, as well as accommodate for a series for technical glitches involving the survey Website.

The deadline for the survey booklets comes prior to the online survey to allow ISR, the firm conducting the survey, plenty of time scan and tabulate the data.

In order for the results of this survey to be meaningful, response from a strong majority of employees is needed. To date, 58.6 percent of the Lab’s employees have completed this survey. If you are part of this group, thank you. If not, you still have time to obtain a booklet from your directorate point of contact, complete it and mail it by close of business today.

If you would rather take the survey online, go to the Website at https://www.isrsurveys.org/llnl . Remember, you will need you password to get into the survey site. If you have lost your password, contact your directorate office.