June 29, 2001

Today is your last chance for completing your copy of the employee survey

Today is the final day to complete the employee survey, "Assessing the Workplace." The online survey comes to a close at the end of the day.

If you have filled out the survey, thank you.

If you have not filled out your survey, you can access the Website at https://www.isrsurveys. org/llnl.gov . The survey is designed to take about 30 minutes and you may fill it out during Lab time.

If you have started the survey but have yet to complete it, please do so before the closeout tonight. The survey is your opportunity to tell management what you think about the quality of your work life at the Laboratory and what you would like to see improved.

To date, 67 percent of the Lab’s employees have completed the survey, while more than 300 employees have started the survey but have yet to complete it.

Help make the survey more meaningful by driving the total number of completed responses even higher.

Remember, you will need your password to access the survey Website. If you have lost your password or suspect you never received one, contact your directorate representative immediately. You will be issued a new password, with no questions asked.

You’ll find a list of directorate contacts at https://www.isrsurveys. org/llnl.gov . While there you can also check out the participation rates of the various directorates.