Three companies begin operations at TTEC site

Jan. 18, 2002

Three companies begin operations at TTEC site

The first three private companies have moved into the Tri-Valley Technology Enterprise Center (TTEC) at the Laboratory.

TTEC was created to help promote success of local start-ups and small business, and to act as a bridge between the local national laboratories and the region’s technology community. The center provides business services, facilities, training, and access to advisers and mentors in areas such as business operations and management, technical specialties, sales and marketing, financial, legal and banking.

The center also assists the technology commercialization and transfer programs of Livermore and Sandia labs by promoting and supporting Lab commercialization efforts.
The three companies — ETARAN Instruments, SOX Systems and NanoLogic — are now operating from the Livermore site.

“These companies represent a good cross-section of the type of companies we’re planning to serve,” said Michael LaLumiere, TTEC’s executive director. “While we plan to do a lot of work with companies that aren’t affiliated with the labs, these three companies all have a connection to the national labs, which make them prime candidates for TTEC.”

ETARAN Instruments, headed by Ed Tarver, a Sandia scientist, develops new methods to improve performance in Ion Mobility Spectrometry. The technology is used in chemical detection and identification and has several current military applications.

SOX Systems has licensed solid oxide fuel cell technology from Livermore and is developing neighborhood fueling stations for hydrogen-powered vehicles. Experienced entrepreneur and CEO Alvin Duskin is hiring an engineering team and seeking funding.

NanoLogic, led by Robert Schmieder, a former Sandia scientist, is developing a hybrid computing system using nanotechnology-based engineering.

TTEC will begin its Entrepreneurial Seminar Series Feb. 4 with a presentation by Bruce Whitley, an attorney with Crosby, Heafey, Roach & May. His talk will cover the selection of appropriate investors, investment disclosures, securities law implications of investment, the difference between equity and debt, and stock purchase agreements.
At the same time, TTEC will unveil a new outreach program called TTECnet, a service for companies interested in using TTEC services but do not need to move into the facility.

TTEC is a joint effort between the Tri-Valley Business Council, Livermore and Sandia labs, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, the City of Livermore, the office of Rep. Ellen Tauscher and the Department of Energy.