Tentative settlement of Asian scientist and engineer class action

March 11, 2005

Tentative settlement of Asian scientist and engineer class action

The University of California and a group of Asian scientists and engineers have reached a tentative settlement in Ling v. Regents, a class action lawsuit alleging discrimination in pay and promotion against Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The lawsuit was filed in December 2001.

The terms of the settlement, which still must be approved by the Alameda County Superior Court, allow for up to $765,000 to be distributed among approximately 460 class members employed from December 21, 1998 until the date the court preliminarily approves the settlement; $15,000 to each of the four class representatives; and $350,000 in legal fees and cost. To avoid double recovery, amounts already received by female class members last year pursuant to the settlement reached in the gender class action will be offset against the amount to which they would otherwise be entitled.

The settlement also provides for equitable relief and monitoring, and the agreement supplements a previous agreement already reached by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the Laboratory. The Regents approved of the settlement in January 2005. After tentative approval by the court, the class members will receive notices providing information about the settlement.

By entering into this agreement, the Laboratory does not admit any wrongdoing. Both sides agree that they wanted to avoid a long and expensive legal process and believe that the settlement is in the best interest of all parties involved.