April 27, 2001

Survey will be released to employees on May 29

A comprehensive survey to get input on and gauge workforce climate and needs, recruitment, retention, diversity and other issues is scheduled to be available for employees to take on May 29. The survey has been developed in conjunction with International Survey Research (ISR) the same firm that worked with the Lab for the 1995 Diversity Focused Survey.

This week a final draft of the survey questionnaire was presented to and approved by a committee, chaired by Jeff Wadsworth, deputy director of Science and Technology, that is overseeing the survey. The final version incorporates some changes recommended by an employee group that "red-teamed" an earlier draft and another group of employees who pre-tested the questionnaire, both during the last 10 days.

"We want to make sure as many interests as possible are addressed in this survey," said Jeff Wadsworth. "I think we have a good instrument here that addresses a broad range of workplace and work/life balance issues. I hope that all employees will take advantage of this opportunity to contribute their opinions and thoughts, which will help shape the future of their workplace."

"In order for us to make positive impacts, we must know what you think about your work environment and quality of life at the Lab," Bruce Tarter said in announcing the survey back in January.

The Web-based survey will be available from May 29 through June 22. For those unable to fill out the survey online or who would prefer to do it on paper, survey booklets will be available as an option starting May 29.

The survey should take no more than approximately 30 minutes to complete. The survey will collect data that will permit trend analyses, benchmark comparison with other laboratories and companies and LLNL’s 1995 survey, and clarify and lead to prioritizing Lab-specific issues.