Statement in response to Inspector General report

Feb. 17, 2011

Statement in response to Inspector General report

James A Bono,
Since the inspection by the DOE's Office of the Inspector General, the Laboratory has reinforced its policies and procedures for the handling of controlled substances, bringing them into line with Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) standards.

The Laboratory possesses extremely small quantities of controlled substances for use in biomedical research and rapid forensic analysis in support of law enforcement agencies. Nearly all of these substances are in quantities of less than a gram and in some cases the total quantity is as little as one milligram.

We have implemented or are implementing the IG report's recommendations, working with the National Nuclear Security Administration oversight office and DEA. We note that the report found "no evidence that misuse or misappropriation had occurred."

The Lab is committed to ensuring business practices in our forensic center equal to the high scientific and technical standards that make LLNL an internationally recognized R&D institution. The Forensic Science Center provides a valuable service to the country by making its exceptional analysis capabilities available to law enforcement agencies in addition to its core homeland security and nonproliferation missions.