Sept. 17, 2001

Spiros Dimolitsas Joins Georgetown University As Senior Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer

Dr. Spiros Dimolitsas, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Associate Director for Engineering, has resigned to take a position with Georgetown University in Washington, DC as Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer.

Dimolitsas, who came to LLNL in 1995, will join Georgetown University effective November 12. As the University’s chief administrative officer, he will be responsible for project planning and management, facilities, human resources, financial audit, the chief information officer function and technology transfer.

As associate director, Dimolitsas has assisted the Lab in developing a strong image for the Engineering Directorate. Utilizing the theme, "Extreme Engineering," he has helped the organization develop systems that "push technologies to their extremes." His organization focuses on the engineering of large-scale applied physics systems and is currently heavily involved in the design of the National Ignition Facility at the Lab.

"Spiros has helped the Lab develop strong interactions with the broad engineering community and has increased our emphasis on project management," said C. Bruce Tarter, director of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. "He has also been a strong advocate of the Lab’s efforts in recruiting and retaining employees. I appreciate the strong leadership he has given to Engineering and we wish him well in his new position."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my tenure at the Lab," said Dimolitsas. "The projects, the people and quality engineering is unparalleled.
Even though I will be on the East Coast, I will always continue to be a strong supporter of Lawrence Livermore National Lab."

Prior to joining LLNL, Dimolitsas was a director at COMSAT Laboratories, the research and development arm of the Communications Satellite Corporation. He has also worked for United Technologies MOSTEK, a semi-conductor manufacturer, and before that was with the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and High Energy and Nuclear Equipment in Switzerland, working in biomedical and computer-aided design and manufacturing fields.

Dimolitsas holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and Digital Signal Processing from the University of Sussex, an M.Sc. in Nuclear Reactor Science and Engineering from the University of London and a B.Sc. with honors in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Sussex.

He is also the author of 60 papers and holder of five patents.