Nov. 9, 2001

Space science ready for takeoff at special Visitors Center event

Space travel and astronaut training will be the theme on Saturday, Nov. 10, when "Space & Science Saturday" touches down at the Visitors Center and adjoining area near the Eastgate entrance. The event blasts off at 10 a.m. and will continue until 2 p.m.

"We hope this will be the first in a series of special Saturday events. We want to provide some fun activities for families and kids while at the same time, showcase some excellent science exhibits found in our Visitors Center," said Linda Lucchetti, Visitors Center coordinator. "Many employees and community members are surprised to discover the wealth of interesting displays that highlight the Lab’s work. We hope we can spark more interest by opening the Visitors Center doors this Saturday."

Specific activities for the event will be provided by the following organizations.

• Oakland’s Chabot Space and Science Center will offer several activities from their Astronaut Training Camp. Kids will get a feel for how space travelers live in outer space and are challenged by a unique space environment.
• Fun with Science from LLNL’s Science Technology and Education Program (STEP) will provide a variety of hands-on science activities to correlate with the space theme.
• A Laser Guide Star exhibit will feature ongoing demonstrations about the Laboratory’s Guide Star program.

Also available at the Saturday event will be merchandise from LLESA’s Time Zone. A map showing locations and details of specific activities will be provided to attendees. There is no admission fee and Lab employees and the public are welcome.

Call Linda Lucchetti at 2-5815 for more information or go to the Web at .