May 18, 2001

Senior Management Team Named at LLNL

Six new associate directors and a new deputy director were named today to join the senior management team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
C. Bruce Tarter, director of LLNL, announced the selections. The appointments were confirmed by the University of California Regents and by the National Nuclear Security Administration.

"Our search process has been successful," said C. Bruce Tarter. "These individuals are leaders in their fields."

Dr. Michael R. Anastasio assumes the position of Deputy Director – Strategic Operations, a key laboratory position that serves as the principal point of contact for the National Nuclear Security Administration. Anastasio, a 21-year employee of LLNL, has served in a number of senior management positions, most recently as Associate Director for Defense and Nuclear Technologies. Anastasio was the recipient of the Department of Energy Weapons Recognition of Excellence Award in 1990. In his new position, Anastasio will be responsible for all operational aspects of LLNL. He will also serve as the chair of the Council for National Security and chair of the Council for Strategic Operations.

"This is an important time for Livermore," said Anastasio. "I am looking forward to working with both the NNSA and the University of California on the issues and challenges facing our laboratory and to ensuring that the lab continues to meet the needs of our nation."

Dr. Cheng-kong Chou has been named Associate Director – Energy and Environment. Chou will be responsible for developing and leading a strategic mission to address key national energy and environmental needs. Chou joined LLNL in 1978, but since 1999 has served on assignment to the Directors of the Department of Energy Offices of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management, Nuclear Energy and Non-proliferation. Chou is leading the development of The International Center for Geological Repository Science and Technology, a five-member international organization interested in joint geological research. Chou will begin his new assignment in early June.

Dr. William H. Goldstein has been named the Associate Director for Physics and Advanced Technologies. In his position, Goldstein will be responsible for managing a diverse portfolio of research and technology development programs in the basic and applied physical sciences. He has served as the Lab’s Acting Associate Director for Physics and the Principal Deputy Associate Director for Physics and Advanced Technologies and has been employed at LLNL since 1985. Goldstein is the recipient of numerous grants and awards – including a 1994 Department of Energy Weapons Excellence Award.

Dona L. Crawford has been appointed as the Associate Director Computations. Crawford has been employed with Sandia National Laboratories since 1976 and most recently served as the Program Director of Simulation Enabled Product Realization. She has also held several other positions including Director of Distributed Information Systems, Director of the National Information Infrastructure Research and Development Center and Scientific Computing Director. She has served on a number of national committees and is the recipient of the National Information Infrastructure Testbed (NIIT) Vision Becomes Reality Award. In her new position, Crawford will be responsible for the Lab's critical computing enterprise - including the world's fastest computer, the ASCI White. Crawford will begin work at LLNL on July 3.

Dr. Dennis K. Fisher will lead the Safety, Security and Environmental Protection Directorate. In his position as Associate Director, Fisher will be responsible for providing environmental, safety, health and security support to the laboratory. Since he joined the lab in 1970, Fisher has served in a number of key management positions – most recently as acting deputy director for operations.

Janet G. Tulk has assumed the position of Associate Director – Administration, a directorate combining the administrative support functions of the laboratory such as Audit and Oversight, Human Resources, Legal, Industrial Partnerships, Public Affairs, Affirmative Action and Contract Management. Tulk joined LLNL in 1985 and since 1994 has served as Laboratory Counsel – a position she will hold concurrently.

J. Steven Hunt has been named associate director for Laboratory Services. Hunt, who has been acting associate director in this position since January 2001, joined LLNL in 1986. Prior to his temporary appointment as Associate Director, Hunt served as the Laboratory’s Business Manager. Hunt will be responsible for managing the laboratory’s business and plant engineering functions.

The position of Associate Director, Biology and Biotechnology Research is expected to be filled shortly. A new search will also begin for the Associate Director, Defense and Nuclear Technologies. In addition, Dr. Lee W. Younker has accepted the position of Associate Deputy Director for Science and Technology. Younker, a lab employee since 1980, most recently served as Acting Associate Director, Energy and Environment. In his new role, Younker will take on a number of science and technology assignments in the office of the Deputy Director for Science and Technology.

"The appointment of our positions today represents a new era for Lawrence Livermore Lab," said Tarter. "I look forward to working closely with our new management team as our lab addresses the opportunities of the future."